Our company uses Technology, Information and cutting edge Design to cut the learning curve and brake barriers, giving confidence and motivation for the benefit of all online bettors in the I Gaming Industry.
Unlike most affiliates platforms, our approach is data-driven and rooted in well-founded research and we always combine data-driven predictions with human behavior and intuition. The most accurate prediction might lie somewhere between raw data and input from the crowd. Since product development is ultimately about solving problems for your customers, we are using Data Modeling from multiple data layers together with a Customer centric approach thus enabling us to continuously improve the relevance level of our products, whether Sport or Casino.
We know that proof is always more powerful than assumption alone, and is therefore more important than position or experience. We want to get to the bottom of everything and through Data we want to explore the driving forces behind why things succeed and why they fail.
SportInsight Vision – Is to bring Data and Technology closer to the User thus giving you the tools you need for your knowledge to thrive.

Area of expertise

Probability Modeling
Product Development

Probability Modeling

The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.

Customer Retention Management

Great CRM lasts as long as you respect and understand your user needs. Managed a database with more than 100.000 active users in the iGaming industry


Most of our effort goes into analyzing multiple data layers. It validates and helps us navigate our Vision

Product Development

Research & Analytics mixed with a Customer centric approach are the backbone of our product development strategy.